Construction Debris May Have Caused Biker's Death

Construction Debris May Have Caused Biker's Death

Posted By Dan Flanzig || 9-Sep-2011

NEW YORK, NY, September 09, 2011  -- Unsecured construction site fencing that tipped over during Irene forced a bicyclist to swerve into the path of a passing car, reported The New York Daily News. Erica Abbott, 29, was killed in the construction related accident in Bushwick, Brooklyn.


Witnesses say Abbott fell off her bike while riding through a construction site when the horn of a car sounded, causing her to lose her balance over a pile of wood in the bike lane. In the construction fallen construction debris accident,  Erica Abbott lost control of her bike and fell in front of a passing Mercedes,  officers and witnesses said.


According to The New York Daily News, blame for Abbott's death is falling partly on the construction company in charge of the stalled construction site where she died. Abbott's family believes she would still be alive if construction debris had been cleared from the bike lane.



The construction company listed at the site on Bushwick Avenue near Powers Street is YBG Construction.


The driver of the car that hit Abbott was not charged

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