• Attorney Daniel & his firm got the job done & in a timely manner!
    Daniel and his firm got the job done and in a timely manner! I was hit by an unlicensed, out-of-state driver on a CitiBike. He got me a good settlement! Thanks, Dan!

    - Kayrn T.

  • Professionalism & Highly Recommended!
    Daniel had to explore a few different avenues for my case, but he stuck with it and eventually won a significant settlement that I was happy with. I hope I never hat to, but if any of my friends or acquaintances were ever injured in a bike accident, I wouldn't hesitate to refer them to Flanzig & Flanzig.

    - Alex B.

  • Exceptional Service!!
    I have had an exceptional experience with Mr. Flanzig. He spoke candidly and with a refreshingly honest perspective that allowed me to fully understand and make decisions on with his expert analysis. I believe that if individuals had this type of rapport and forthright exchange with lawyers, so many more individuals would feel confident seeking out expert, professional assistance. I cannot rate Mr. Flanzig highly enough and am thankful for his excellent service. Please save yourself peace of mind and see for yourself the caliber of service he offers.

    - Jeremy Gladstone

    Brooklyn, NY
  • Not just a personal injury firm Flanzig and Flanzig is dedicated to improving cycling safety and reforming transportation laws.
    I got to know Dan Flanzig via the NY Bike Coalition. He is a ubiquitous presence at bike clubs educating members on their rights, pending legislation and dos and don'ts after an accident. When I was struck by a motorist on May 17th, 2017 there was no doubt in my mind who I would call. Throughout the entire legal process, the firm was responsive, warm and professional and they handled every aspect of legal anxiety that came my way. Dan Flanzig is a cyclist protecting cyclists and he walks the walk.

    - Martin Buchman

  • The Flanzigs have what it takes...compassion, integrity, et. al.
    My beloved son was killed in Brooklyn, NY on July 6, 2014 by a speeding driver. In the midst of the worst possible day of my life, a calming and compassionate hand took over all of the details that I would never have been able to navigate by myself. You expect good service when you are being represented in a legal case, but Daniel Flanzig and his staff always went above and beyond their duty to make sure I was not only well-represented, but understood the process, had all my bases covered, was kept up to date with the process, and was also gently treated like the broken and grieving parent that I was. His sense of family, community, and integrity are beyond admirable, to say the least. I cannot stress ardently enough how important it is to have a professional, knowledgeable, and ethical attorney to represent you in the face of legal adversity. His character and compassion round out the perfect choice for a legal representative. Kudos to you, Dan...I would highly recommend you and your group to anyone I know who needs an Attorney. Thanks for a great job done, and your friendship, as well!

    - Matthew's Mom

    Dallas, TX
  • Helped me navigate all of the insurance company and medical forms
    As a fellow cyclist Daniel Flanzig understood my situation. He is professional, and clearly had the experience to give me a realistic assessment of my case. His office was great in helping me navigate all of the insurance company and medical forms that you will have to deal with if you were the victim of an accident. And at the end of the day, I recently cashed my settlement check. Thanks Daniel.

    - Former Client

  • Very satisfied with Flanzig & Flanzig!
    Very satisfied with Flanzig & Flanzig! I was hit by a car while riding my bike in Manhattan and I never dreamed I could win a settlement. I contacted Flanzig & Flanzig on a whim and they were able to help me handle my no-fault insurance claim and won me a nice settlement! They were very professional and easy to work with. I'm so happy I contacted them! Highly recommend their services if you are involved in a cycling accident.

    - Daniel

  • You will always be my first choice.
    I came across your website.. and I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you did for my first case.. I wanted to say thank you for all your hard work. You were and are still there any time I have a question or a concern. You and your office are very helpful anytime my mother or I call, and we appreciate it. I have complete faith in your handling of my second case and that I will be compensated for my painful wrist injury. But anyway I will talk to you soon... Take care and thank you again.. Hopefully after this I will never need an attorney again, but if I ever do...you will always be my first choice.

    - C.W.

  • I couldn't sing higher praises for this law firm and lawyer.
    I met Mr. Flanzig when my daughter died and a family friend recommended him. I was at a very low state. Dan, as I refer to him, came into my life and he and his firm made me and my family feel as if we were a blood part of his family. I couldn't sing higher praises for this law firm and lawyer. He is the best. He won't disappoint you or let you down.

    - V. U.

  • My case settled during trial and I was very happy with the results.
    I first started with another lawyer and a year later nothing had happened regarding my case. I then switched to Daniel Flanzig at Flanzig and Flanzig, who was picking a jury in less then a year. My case settled during trial and I was very happy with the results.

    - C.N.

  • 5 stars just isn't enough for this man.
    I have nothing but good things to say about Daniel Flanzig, 5 stars just isn't enough for this man. Seriously. Having a bike accident really, really shakes you. Aside from the shock, injuries, etc. it's totally stressful and strenuous to even attempt to handle all the paperwork that comes flooding in (and the crazy language used on it). Mr. Flanzig and his office generously made the whole ordeal much easier to deal with, and I am forever thankful.

    - Rebecca

  • I cannot say enough good things.
    Although the main address is Mineola, Flanzig & Flanzig also has a Manhattan office. At the beginning of the summer, I was knocked off my bicycle by a woman opening her car door. It was the afternoon on a Friday. I was riding down the street in broad daylight obeying all traffic rules. That's why it's called an accident. There is nothing you can do to prevent it, and it's sometimes messy sorting it out. My arm was broken, and the driver did not want to accept responsibility. The police never came. I spent the night in the hospital, and the next day, I called around to find a lawyer. Daniel answered immediately, even though it was a Saturday. He was always prompt in returning calls, even when his newborn was being delivered. He and his sister Cathy referred me to a good orthopedist. They were realistic about what to expect and how long the process would take, and they answered any questions. I cannot say enough good things about how helpful Daniel and Cathy were. Even if you haven't been injured in a bike accident, but you ride in the city, their blog is worth checking out.

    - Ginger

  • He always responded promptly to emails.
    As someone who bikes daily to, from and for work, my biggest fear is getting smashed by a car or doored due to careless driving. A car T-boned me in an intersection when I had the right of way. It wasn't a critical injury, but it was enough that it made work very difficult/painful, sometimes impossible, for the next year. Days after the wreck, I was finding new and worse pains. I didn't know what to do or who to call. The doctor I saw at the ER was no help. The people at the hospital didn't know how to help me either. So I googled "bike lawyer nyc". Flanzig & Flanzig came up first. Frazzled and scared, I emailed them after briefly checking out the website. Daniel broke it all down to me, explained the next step and how to get me into physical therapy. One thing I really appreciated about him was that he always responded promptly to emails and phone calls and didn't seemed too annoyed with my millions of questions because this was my first time being involved with a lawsuit. I felt assured that someone really had my back, that I had someone advocating for me. Here's to hoping I never have to call him again! But on the unlucky side of it, I will not hesitate to contact him if I'm hurt on my bike in the future.

    - Mars

  • I feel fortunate.
    I wanted to thank you (and your assistants) for your guidance and counsel through this process. I appreciate that everything that you told me about the process on that first phone call held true and that there were no surprises. I am now working on gaining back the confidence that I had on the bike prior to the accident; it is going to take some time and may not be completely restored. Otherwise, I feel fortunate at the way that things turned out and grateful that there were no cars coming the opposite way when I was taken down. Much success to you advocating on behalf of the cyclists of NYC.

    - Gavin

  • You were both a pleasure to work with.
    I wanted to send a quick thank you for your services. You were both a pleasure to work with and I always felt I was in the best hands. The case went quickly and was seamless from start to finish. I appreciate all your help and the kindness it was approached with. You give lawyers a much better name.

    - Emily

  • Professional, prompt, and maximum legal representation.
    Daniel and Cathy Flanzig, of Flanzig & Flanzig, provided me with professional, prompt, and maximum legal representation in a personal injury case. I was a bicyclist doored by a passenger exiting an NYC yellow cab. As a bicyclist I followed every rule of the road; riding in a bike lane, wearing a helmet, and gave a consciously wide berth to parked cars. Nonetheless, I was "doored" by a passenger exiting a parked taxi, my collar bone, "Clavicle", was fractured and displaced. Here is what stood out for me in having Daniel & Cathy Flanzig represent my legal interests in this case. Prior to retaining the Flanzigs, Daniel provided me with a prompt and accurate assessment of the possible routes, time frames, and the possible recovery this case could provide. Once I retained them they took over every aspect of the case; from the no-fault insurance claim filings to reimbursement for out of pocket medical expenses, prompt filings of complaints and claims. I was always made aware of what I needed to know to be assured the case was in fact preceding. I wasn't burdened with any aspect of the case. As the case neared settlement, a good outcome for all, Daniel kept me closely in the loop to make sure I was in agreement, and aware of what was being discussed. Never caused me stress or worry. Once we arrived at what was thought to be a final settled amount, Cathy Flanzig went back to the insurance company and found another $10K. This was a pleasant surprise to me and demonstrated the Flanzig never stop fighting and work for the maximum outcome from a case. Daniel & Cathy Flanzig's have earned my trust and confidence as people and in this matter their competence in personal injury law; particularly in the area of a motor vehicle and bicycle accidents in New York State. Nothing in life is more important to me than trust, confidence, and competence!

    - Thorner

  • Simply the best lawyer I ever worked with.
    Simply the best lawyer I ever worked with, Dan Flanzig is a true professional and all round nice guy. I was "doored" as I was riding my bike in Queens when a driver of a van opened his door while I was passing. I had no time to react and I crashed into the door. This resulted in a broken collar bone (clavicle). I was knocked out for about 5 minutes. When I came too, there was a crowd gathered. Someone told me they called an ambulance which took me to the hospital. I needed surgery to repair my broken bone. Daniel was very professional. As an avid cyclist himself, Dan was an expert with NYC cycle law and the rights of cyclists. I was lucky to find a law firm which included a special focus on New York cycle law as part of their practice. He knew the law and fought very hard for my rights. Excellent and professional service. My phone calls were always returned. The staff handled all the paperwork with the hospitals and doctors. I did not have to worry about anything. The defendants were very hard to deal with, yet Dan fought hard to get the best settlement possible. I recommend Dan and Flanzig & Flanzig.

    - Former Client

  • F&F achieved a settlement within 6 months.
    I have only good things to say about this firm. Helpful, nice to deal with, good lawyers. If you just had a bike accident just go to their site and call these guys! I was broadsided by a car while biking (as I was turning into a bike lane with the light) and got sucked underneath, fracturing my knee. I looked for a lawyer because the driver's insurance company was difficult to deal with and admin is not my strong point. No office I called would take the case because they weren't sure if there would be enough $ involved to justify their time. I looked online and found Flanzig & Flanzig under http://newyorkbikelawyers.com and I called the number listed. Daniel said to send in the info that I had and they would help me navigate the Insurance. He basically said: 'You may have a case or you may not, it depends on how badly you're hurt. If you have a case we'll ask for a retainer signed and there'll be a percentage fee. If there's no case, then we'll have taken care of the paperwork and gotten the insurance on track, and there will be no charge.' I'm personally into passing it forward so this was great. Everyone associated with this office was a thorough professional, They dealt with the insurance and medical bills, and replied to emails and phone calls the same day. Unfortunately, it turned out that I was hurt badly enough to lose work and needed to go to an Ortho doc and get Physical Therapy. F&F achieved a settlement within 6 months of the accident.

    - R.J.

  • These guys are good!
    These guys are good! I had gotten into my first bicycle accident and wasn't sure where to turn for help and answers to my millions of questions and worries. That same night I had the accident and came out from the hospital I sent an email thinking it was too late and that I wouldn't be able to talk with someone. Just as I thought that I received a call from the lawyer and was able to get some peace of mind because he was able to answer all of my questions. I forwarded all the information that I had and they took care of the rest. I highly recommend anyone who has been in an accident on their bike to give these guys a call. They know their stuff.

    - Rupa

  • Daniel is the best lawyer I have ever worked with.
    About a year and a half ago I was involved in a "dooring" in New York City while riding my bicycle to work. The person opened their drivers' side door as I was approaching the vehicle and was thrown from my bicycle. I suffered many cuts, scrapes, bruises, but most of all I suffered a severe 4-inch laceration to my right bicep; cutting all the way to my bicep muscle. I was hospitalized for 2 days, and it severely affected my career as a bartender and as a model. I contacted Daniel after reading his reviews online and realizing his specialty in bicycle incidents. From the moment I stepped into his office, Daniel was not only professional but a down to earth human being and made me feel at ease instantly. Throughout the entire process, Daniel and his team (including his lovely [sister] were in contact with me and gave me updates on my case the minute they had any. I was very impressed with how kind and respectful he and his team were and how dedicated they were to my case. In the end, Daniel helped settle my case far beyond my expectations and I am forever grateful to him. Daniel is the best lawyer I have ever worked with (and I have been in a few injury lawsuits, unfortunately, LOL) and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for honest, dedicated and effective representation.

    - Jesse

  • Flanzig’s steadfast approach eased what could have been an utter nightmare.
    Getting hit by a car is as traumatizing as it sounds. When you’re lying in a pool of blood on the side walk from a reckless driver you see a lot of things. One of them I saw last March, was the overwhelming empathy of the witnesses, one of whom gave me Daniel Flanzig’s website address. As a low wage worker, a hospital visit seems like a death sentence for your bank account. The next day Daniel met up with me and the panic subsided as we went over my case. After months of battles with insurance companies and lost evidence, Flanzig’s steadfast approach eased what could have been an utter nightmare. A helmet will save your life and Flanzig & Flanzig will save your sanity.

    - Zach

  • I am very pleased with Daniel Flanzig and his staff.
    I am very pleased with Daniel Flanzig and his staff. They have been friendly and kind and have done an excellent job, from the first phone conversation to the settlement. Daniel consistently gave really helpful advice and made things simple and easy for me while I was going through a rough time seeking physical care. It's really wonderful and important to have a lawyer who cares and who is a biker himself!

    - Booker

  • I can't thank you enough.
    Daniel--I can't thank you enough for helping me with my recent cycling accident. You and your team have been paramount to my recovery process. Ride Safe!

    - Jason

  • Less than 6 months later I have a resolution.
    I reached out to Mr. Flanzig after being knocked off my bike by a car door. The experience was awful and the persons responsible were uncommunicative. As the bills added up and my insurance stopped paying, I reached out to Mr. Flanzig and he took everything off my plate. Less than 6 months later I have a resolution and the justice I deserved. Without the help of Mr. Flanzig and his team I don't know where I would be now.

    - C.K.

  • Morally and ethically passionate.
    Daniel, I have to say Good Sir you are both a gentleman and a scholar. I've worked with quite a few lawyers in my time, and it's a very rare one who actually is morally and ethically passionate about why they practice the craft. Thank you for your time and guidance.

    - Martin

  • You've been most helpful.
    Thanks again for helping with this. You've been most helpful with everything and are a leader in the field, so it seemed natural to have you as the point person.

    - Zach

  • Thank you!
    Thank you! Can I take this opportunity to thank you for your superb app. It made going through the details so much easier and to remember what info I would need to take after a crash.

    - T. R.

  • We are looking forward to your next lecture.
    Thank you for conducting one of the first live Bike Law CLE programs in New York at our recent forum. We have received tremendous feedback from the attorneys whom attended, all who enjoyed your presentation and the exposure to this growing area of law. We are looking forward to your next lecture.

    - Elaine

  • Thanks so much Daniel.
    Thanks so much Daniel. You were great to speak to. So helpful and I will definitely recommend you and tell my brother, the lawyer who found you, to do the same.

    - Jessica

  • I was very happy with the results.
    I first started with another lawyer and a year later nothing had happened. I then switched to Daniel Flanzig at Flanzig and Flanzig who was picking a jury in less than a year. My case settled during trial, and I was very happy with the results.

    - C.N.

  • Dan is your man.
    I have referred many personal injury matters to Dan because I know Dan is caring, responsive, and a great litigator. If you need assistance in a personal injury matter, Dan is your man.

    - Wendy

  • Daniel is a top-notch legal professional.
    Daniel is a top-notch legal professional. He practices in the most ethical manner and has the unique ability to put his clients at ease. I would recommend Daniel Flanzig to anyone requiring the services of a personal injury attorney.

    - Eric

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