Slip & Fall Accidents

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Determining Liability for Your Injuries

Slip and fall accidents are extremely common and can happen in a variety of locations, including grocery stores, restaurants, office buildings, and shopping malls, or outdoors in parking lots or on sidewalks. Slip and fall cases generally proceed under the theory that the defendant (building owner, tenant, or landlord) was responsible for the condition that caused your accident.

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Examples of Property Owner Negligence

Inside a building, a property owner, or tenant can be liable for injuries resulting from falls on slippery floors if the owner or occupier was negligent. However, the floor material being slippery by nature is not enough to substantiate a valid claim.

Examples of conduct for which a property owner or occupier may be held responsible for a slip and fall accident include:

  • Failing to provide adequate warnings, such as signs, that the floor is being cleaned, waxed, or polished, and is still wet or damp; failing to properly close off an area that is wet
  • Cleaning the floor in a negligent manner, such as mopping at a busy time, using excessive amounts of soap and allowing the floor to remain wet for long periods of time
  • Failing to clean up spilled food, liquid, or other foreign substances, or failing to post a warning within a reasonable amount of time after being notified of the spill
  • Failing to keep floor surfaces or carpets in a reasonably safe condition, such as loose floor tiles, torn carpeting or rugs, or splinters sticking up out of the floor
  • Failing to correct conditions on stairways, such as broken handrails, worn steps, or spills, that could cause injury if the property owner knew or should have known about them

A property owner is not liable for a slip and fall accident if they were not aware of the condition, the condition was obvious, or they acted with due care to correct the dangerous condition.

What If I Was Injured Outside of a Building?

Outside of a building, accidents resulting from premises liability can occur in parking lots, stairways, walkways, and sidewalks. If you are injured in the parking lot of a shopping center, an individual storeowner or tenant may be responsible. It may also be the obligation of the owner or management company. An owner of a parking lot or other outdoor space must exercise reasonable care to keep the area in a reasonably safe condition for pedestrians and cars.

Common causes of outdoor trip and fall accidents include:

  • Tripping over parking blocks or cracks in a sidewalk
  • Inadequate lighting may also lead to accidents involving falls in parking lots
  • Trips over curbs, falls on steps, and trips and falls due to uneven surfaces or holes
  • Slip and falls due to negligent snow and ice removal

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