New Ban proposed on texting and biking

New Ban proposed on texting and biking

Posted By Dan Flanzig || 4-Oct-2011

Just when we thought we heard all there is to hear about the dangers involved in texting and driving, now we need to warn rider about texting and biking.

It may take superb balance to pull off, but texting bicyclists in chicago could soon face fines while riding on city streets.
A proposal would impose fines as high as $500 on bicyclists caught using their phone without a hands-free device.

If approved, the ban will go into effect next month. The fine for a first offense would be $20 to $50, and fines would increase for each subsequent offense. If the offense came during a traffic accident, the fine could go as high as $500.

The proposer's author says the measure was "common sense" and that she has actually "seen people riding and texting with both hands."


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