Traffic Warnings, NY's new fun signs


James Estrin/The New York TimesSafety-warning poems / sprouting from city sign poles / look for one near you.

Look! It's a street sign
with a haiku underneath.
They are new, Tuesday.

The city says they
are an eye-catching way to
encourage safety.

You will find 12 signs
that are designed by John Morse,
artist and poet.

James Estrin/The New York Times

Want an example?
Imagine a bike, askew.
The caption below:

A sudden car door, Cyclist's story rewritten. Fractured narrative

At crash-prone crosswalks,
200 will be installed.
(Some are in Spanish.)

"A lot of our signs
are largely ubiquitous,"
said J. Sadik-Khan.

"We look for new ways
to get through to the public,"
she said on Tuesday.

Look for them on poles
from Queens to Staten Island.
Twelve sites in total.

Want one? You can buy
a sign for personal use.
Sixty-five bucks each.

And if you would like,
submit your own sign below.
We'll post the best here.

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