Nursing Home Falls & Injuries

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According to statistics, it is estimated that hundreds of falls are reported in nursing homes each year. In addition, around 1,800 nursing home deaths are connected to fall-related injuries. The seriousness of falls for elderly individuals cannot be taken lightly. Even a non-fatal fall accident can result in serious suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and other medical complications.

So what causes these dangers falls? The most common issues include:

  • Weakness of muscles and walking or gait problems
  • Surrounding hazards, such as wet floors, high bed height, etc.
  • Heavy medications that effect the central nervous system
  • Improper foot care, damaged walking aids, lack of handrails

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Preventing Falls in Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are responsible for taking the necessary steps to keep their facilities hazard-free and minimizing the risk of dangerous falls. If they don’t take the proper precautions to keep their facilities safe, it can lead to devastating injuries and accidents in the long run. Effective fall prevention will require specific environmental changes, medical treatment for pre-existing conditions, and rehabilitation for those dealing with walking issues.

Some of the steps that should be taken by nursing homes include:

  • Assessing patients who have suffered falls to identify risk factors and treat conditions
  • Keeping all staff educated on fall risk factors and basic strategies for prevention
  • Determining if certain patients need more supervision or less medication dosages
  • Effectively modifying different areas of the facility that may cause mobility difficulties
  • Providing certain patients with hip pads to help minimize damages if a fall were to occur
  • Installing devices that alert staff if a patient tries to leave their bed without assistance

All of these steps should be considered when a nursing home facility is trying to reduce the risk of dangerous and life-altering falls. However, if they fail to make any of these adjustments and a fall-related injury occurs as a result, it may require legal intervention. Our New York personal injury attorneys are here to guide you through the process.

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