Dehydration in Nursing Homes

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It takes very little for an elderly individual to become dehydrated, especially when living in a nursing home or assisted care facility. Simply going without water for seemingly short periods, staying in warm rooms for extended time, or even experience increases in body temperature can quickly result in dehydration. With this in mind, nursing home care providers need to take extra caution when monitoring the hydration levels of their residents. It is their responsibility to ensure all individuals receive adequate fluids and do not suffer the risk of dehydration.

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Why Hydration Is Extremely Important

It is important, especially with the elderly, to maintain proper levels of fluid in the body. Even just a 10% reduction of fluids in an elderly person can pose a serious risk of harm. If there is a 20% reduction of fluids, it may lead to death in serious cases.

Unfortunately, dehydration has become a serious problem at nursing homes and similar facilities. There are far too many stories of family members visiting nursing home residents, only to see pitchers completely void of water or far out of reach for their loved ones. Furthermore, there are countless cases where elderly residents have been left in excessively warm or humid rooms for extended periods of time, greatly increasing the risk of dehydration. These are all concerning signs that an elderly loved one may be in danger of dehydration due to nursing home neglect.

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