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Approximately 27 out of every 1,000 newborn babies suffer from some sort of birth-related injury. Birth injuries can range from minor bruises to serious injuries such as cerebral palsy. Among these injuries, cerebral palsy / brachial plexus (Erbs palsy) is common.

Birth-related injuries can occur at almost every point during labor and delivery. These injuries could also result from medical negligence. A baby diagnosed with a birth injury may recover fully and quickly, but in certain cases the injury may result in physical or mental limitations.

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Common Causes of Birth Injuries

Birth injuries are usually caused by operative deliveries, and could result from following:

  • Oxygen deprivation — Oxygen deprivation is one of the major risks involved during delivery, and can occur when the umbilical cord gets compressed or twisted during delivery. This can result in serious injuries and lifelong suffering for a child.
  • Mechanical trauma — This can be caused by an unusual position adopted by the baby at the time of delivery. It can also occur if the baby is too large to pass through the birth canal. If the doctor does not react properly, tragic injuries may follow.
  • Negligence / mistakes by the medical team during delivery — Mistakes can occur just before delivery, at the time of delivery, or immediately after delivery. Most medical negligence cases during birth involve the use of excessive force or improper rotational force during delivery. Delay in performing Cesarean section (C-section) operation during a difficult delivery could also result in birth injuries.
  • Incomplete or improper pre-natal monitoring / testing — The medical team could be unprepared to handle a difficult delivery due to improper testing, resulting in a serious birth injury. All medical professionals are required to provide adequate care. A lack of preparation could indicate negligence or error.

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