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Daniel Flanzig appeared on NBC-NY discussing current legislation concerning E-bikes in NYC

Daniel Flanzig talks to The New York Times about the vulnerability of Cyclists Riding the Hudson River Bike Path

Daniel Flanzig, a personal injury lawyer who has handled multiple cases on behalf of bicyclists killed or injured on the bike path, including Ms. Cook’s case, said there was a clear need to make the path safer. “Everyone’s first reaction yesterday was to have bollards put onto the bike path,” he said. “It makes sense.” Click here to read the full story in the New York Times

Daniel Flanzig appeared on NBC-NY discussing current legislation concerning E-bikes in NYC

Riding Away from a Bar Crawl

Daniel Flanzig was interviewed by the New York Times regarding the legalities of cycling in New York while intoxicated and the use of Citi-Bikes. Click here to read the story in The New York Times

Claim filed against the City of New York and NYC Medical Examiners Office for Destruction of Sepulcher Rights

"Her lawyer, Daniel Flanzig, filed a formal notice of the claim against the city last week naming as defendants the office of the chief medical examiner, the Bronx county medical examiner, the city’s Health and Hospitals Corporation, and the Correction Department. “The law recognizes the right of kin to find solace and comfort in the ritual of burial,” Mr. Flanzig said, “and the courts have recognized that damages can be assessed against anyone who interferes with that right.” Click Here to read the full story...

Negligent handling of her deceased son's body

Read the tragic story of Flanzig and Flanzig's client forced to deal with the negligent handling of her deceased son's body by the New York City Medical Examiner's Office and the claim she has filed against the City of New York. It is the goal of the lawsuit to bring to light the repeated action of the Medical Examiner's Office in the mishandling of bodies and the trauma this brings to New York families.

Read all our news in the New York Post by clicking here

The Dangers of "Doorings" in New York

Flanzig and Flanzig interviewed by the New York Post on the dangers of "dooring" crashes in New York and the severe injuries that can result at the hands of negligent drivers and passengers when opening a car door into the path of a cyclist. Read the full article here...

A select few lawyers have embraced specialization with gusto, turning their careers away from the broad practices pursued at most firms.... Daniel Flanzig, a longtime recreational bicyclist ... knew firsthand of the tension between riders and motorists in the New York City area. Click here to read the compete story in Newsday

A New York woman was still reeling from the death of her 71-year-old mother

A New York woman was still reeling from the death of her 71-year-old mother....A note of condolence, perhaps? Not quite: The company demanded the woman pay more than $6,000 for damages to the 2012 BMW that killed her mother. Daniel Flanzig, attorney for the victim's daughter, “this was not just a form letter issued by an insurance company, but rather a conscious decision by the company to get their money back from this family for the damage to their insured's vehicle, damage that was caused by striking and killing Anna" Click here to read the full story...

Cyclist Billed by NYPD after they run him down!

Read about our Pro Bono efforts on behalf of a New York cyclist billed by the NYPD and City of New York for the damage to their Police Car after it ran him down. As a result of our efforts the City dropped the case and we helped expose this inequitable practice by the City of New York. Read the full story here....

Daniel Flanzig was interviewed by a leading Japanese TV Station

On May 17, 2013, Daniel Flanzig was interviewed by Nippon Television, a leading Japanese TV Station. As a Personal Injury attorney who often represents NY cyclists, he was asked to give his opinion on the start of the New York City Bike Share Program. Daniel offered his opinion on the safety of the Citi-Bikes as well as the traffic rules and regulations for NYC Cyclists.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Talk about adding insult to injury. A New York City bicyclist who was injured by a police officer who nearly ran him over with his car now has been handed a bill — to repair the dents in the cop car. The accident occurred in November. Justin Johnsen, 31, told the New York Post he got a bill for $1,263 for the officer’s car damages a couple weeks ago. “They should be sending an apology letter instead of a bill,” said lawyer Daniel Flanzig.

April 21, 2013

On April 21, 2013, Daniel Flanzig rode in the 8th Annual Memorial Ride in NYC in honor the family of his client Joseph Nelson who died in a tragic dooring crash in the Bronx. Village Voice reporter Syndey Brownstone covered the event and ask Daniel for his input about the increased number of cyclists in New York and the upcoming Citi-Bike Launch."Daniel Flanzig, a lawyer who has represented injured cyclists and their families for 16 years and rode in the memorial on Sunday, expressed a similar sentiment."

Daniel Flanzig appeared on behalf of the NYBC

Daniel Flanzig appeared on behalf of the NYBC along side State Assemblyman Edward Hennessey (D-Brookhaven) who called for $20 million in additional state funding to make New York streets safer for cyclists and pedestrians and for tougher penalties for hit-and-run drivers. "Our roadways are dangerous, people are getting killed at almost epidemic rates," Hennessey said at a news conference in Patchogue. "It's time to complete our streets and make things safer and strengthen penalties." Click here to read the full article ..

NYC'S Bike-Share Program Could Spark Tour de Litigation

Bicycle-crash attorney Dan Flanzig of Flanzig & Flanzig pointed to a recent report issued by New York City Comptroller John Liu, which said that, while the city has required Alta to purchase $10 million in general liability coverage for every year the program operates, "it is unknown if the level of coverage is adequate." Click here to read the full story

Insurance company charges survivors $6K - to fix the car that killed their mother

By Dan Mangan, Oct. 2012

Five months a L.I. grandmother was killed an insurance company demanded that her shattered family pay more than $6,000 — to repair the car that mowed her down....After the accident, Monica hired a lawyer, Daniel Flanzig, to sue Glasser-Mayrsohn for negligence, claiming the driver could have avoided the accident by paying more attention to the road.....But before Flanzig could even file the suit, he received a letter from Glasser-Mayrsohn’s insurer, Click Here to read the full story....

Daniel Flanzig on WPIX Channel 11 New York

Daniel Flanzig was interviewed by Channel 11's Jay Dow on the Bloomberg Administrations attitude towards Bike Helmets for Citi-Bike riders.

By Susan Edelman Oct. 28, 2012

The city Medical Examiner's Office has kept the brains of more than 9,200 deceased New Yorkers — from the elderly to newborns — in the past eight years, records obtained by The Post show. "Do they really want to know what happened to the person, or are they just experimenting?" Bradshaw asked. "The death had nothing to do with the brain," said her lawyer, Daniel Flanzig. "It's unconscionable — and unlawful — for the Medical Examiner not to return it to the family for a complete burial."​Click here to read the full story....

Daniel Flanzig interviewed by Brazilian TV Station RedeTV on Bike laws in NYC

Click below to watch the inteview


Family Still Searching For Answers Months After Man's Unsolved Bike Death

October 19, 2012 9:33am | By Patrick Wall

FORDHAM — Dismayed by the police investigation ... the family hired an attorney, Daniel Flanzig, who sent a team of private investigators to the crash site. But by then, four days after the accident, the team uncovered no leads. " Without witnesses, surveillance footage or other physical evidence of the crash, the family could not pursue criminal or civil charges against the person who opened the door Nelson struck and then left the scene, Flanzig said. "The lack of an early investigation absolutely destroyed their right to have justice,"Click Here to read the full story....

NYPD Won't Comment On Mysteriously Delayed Investigation Into Cyclist's Death

By John Del Signore- October 19, 2012

The brother of a Bronx cyclist who was fatally doored in April says the NYPD has completely dropped the ball on the investigation into his brother's death....Nelson's attorney Daniel Flanzig, who also sent private investigators to the scene four days after the accident in a fruitless attempt to find any evidence, tells DNAinfo, "The lack of an early investigation absolutely destroyed their right to have justice." We asked the NYPD press office and NYPD spokesman Paul Browne why the AIS investigation was so significantly delayed in this case, and received no reply. We'll update if hell ever freezes over. Click Here to read the full story....

August 31, 2012- Mean Streets

The Brooklyn Paper


Tech-savvy Brooklyn cyclists can now gather post-crash evidence via a smartphone application thanks to a bike-boosting lawyer who introduced the technology in an attempt to help pedal-pushers build their cases. Daniel Flanzig's "Bike Crash Kit" helps cyclists document facts at the scene — before the adrenaline even wears off. "Normally a rider involved in such a violent and traumatic incident can't think clearly," said Flanzig, a personal injury lawyer. "With the app they can just follow the guide." Flanzig — who said most of the 400 users who have downloaded his app are from Brooklyn — partnered with a tech specialist to work on the idea after encountering clients who scribbled notes on paper or were already using evidence collected via smartphones in the aftermath of crashes..... Click here to read the full article in the Brooklyn Paper.

April 13, 2011

Flanzig and Flanzig has achieved placement in the New York Law Law Journal's Top Verdicts and Settlements for 2010 as a result of Cathy Flanzig's recovery of $1,100,000.00 for one of our clients involved in a serious pedestrian accident. The case is reported to be one of the highest recoveries for a pedestrian accident for 2010. This case has previously been reported in the New York Jury Verdict Reporter, the New York Law Journal and is soon to appear in New York Magazine.

March 25, 2011

Daniel Flanzig gives New York Post reporter commentary on the indictment of caseworker Damon Adams and supervisor Chereece Bell following the allegations that the ACS workers failed to properly investigate and monitor 4-year-old Marchella Brett-Pierce who was starved and beaten. Our firm, in a similar matter, is representing the estate of Nixzmary Brown, relating to her tragic death at the hands of her mother and step-father and the failure of ACS to timely and properly respond to the allegations of neglect.

The New York Observer

The New York Observer interviewed Daniel on the necessity of obtaining proper insurance information after a crash. Click here to read the full article.


Click the links below to watch television coverage of the lawsuit that was filed on behalf of Verna Uptigrow, mother of a prematurely born baby whose deceased tiny body was negligently discarded in a pile of dirty hospital laundry.

May 04, 2009

Daniel Flanzig gives Newsday reporter commentary on the Jo'Anne Bird Murder and his opinion on the liability of the Nassau County Police Department in connection to the murder.

July 24, 2008

Flanzig and Flanzig seek leave from the New York State Supreme Court to file a claim against Nassau County Medical Center due to the negligent and reckless conduct of the Nassau County Medical Center in allegedly reusing an insulin pen on multiple patients causing their client to be exposed to Hepatitis B antibodies. The firm alleges that the County hid the information from patients for over five months, despite a Department of Health Investigation, allowing them to expose their families to danger while the County waited out the ninety days patients had to file a claim against the Hospital as a result of their negligence. Click Here to read more.

January 21, 2008

Flanzig and Flanzig have filed suit on behalf of the owner of a race horse that was tragically injured while being transported between race tracks. The 18-month-old filly Point of Order, sired by Preakness and Belmont Stakes winner Point Given, was an upcoming star, who had to be put down due to the devastating injury caused in the accident.

May 21, 2007

Flanzig and Flanzig files suit on behalf of victims of a carbon monoxide leak at Leonard's of Great Neck. The gas exposure sent about a dozen guests to the hospital with symptoms ranging from severe headaches to vomiting and dizziness. Some guests face long term effects.Click here for the full story.

January 12, 2007

National and local coverage of brother and sister team Cathy and Daniel Flanzig. The story discusses our firm as well as the benefits, and some pitfalls, in practicing together. Click Here to read more.

May 31, 2006

Cathy Flanzig won the maximum possible award for the widow of an elderly plaintiff who died as a result of injuries suffered in a shameful hit and run accident. The driver denied being involved in the accident, but after Cathy pursued the eyewitness who observed the accident, the Defendants insurance carrier agreed to settle the action for the full policy limits. The careless driver had the minimum amount of insurance allowed by law, and to make matters worse, a heartless Nassau County insisted on recouping its Medicaid expenses and taking a portion of the tiny award. We are continuing to fight Nassau County's claim to our clients recovery. Click here to read the full story.

April 5, 2006

The tiny body of a plaintiff's prematurely born baby, weighing less than a pound, was lost by the hospital and discovered by a worker in the commercial laundry. Flanzig and Flanzig files suit against South Nassau Communities Hospital on behalf of the mother. The matter was eventually tried to a 6 figure verdict in the Nassau County Supreme Court. The matter was subsequently settled by the parties for an undisclosed amount.

Click here to read about this tragic story and the lawsuit that followed.

April 7, 2006

A negligence lawsuit has been filed against the hospital where Verna Uptigrow's prematurely born baby was born, only to be discovered days later in a pile of dirty hospital laundry.

March 17, 2006

The biological father of Nixzmary Brown was interviewed as to why he is taking action to be named administrator of his daughter's estate. Dan Flanzig explains how Nixzmary's mother refused to allow him to see the child, preventing him from seeing his daughter and that he is now seeking to find out why ACS failed to protect his child. Click here to read the article.

July 16, 2004

Click here to read a history of Flanzig and Flanzig, from its original founding in 1956 by Sheldon Flanzig, to today when sister and brother team Cathy and Daniel Flanzig lead the firm. The article discusses the effect of growing up in a home where trial work and, the art of advocacy was the dinner conversation, leading two siblings to carry on their father's dedication to the practice of law.

April 9, 2004

Daniel Flanzig settled a lawsuit against New York City for $300,000 on behalf of a Texas woman who was molested by an EMT after collapsing at LaGuardia Airport. The victim was under the care of two EMTs and was unable to defend herself from the unwanted manhandling by one of the EMTs because she was strapped down. Click here to read the entire article.

January 1997

Television coverage of Dan Flanzig and his client speaking out against a judge's decision that the Long Island Rail Road had no responsibility for the safety of passengers killed in the attack by Colin Ferguson.

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