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Full Size Electric Scooters to be allowed in Bike Lanes

Full-Sized Electric Scooter Legal in Bike Lanes


FlyKly, is a rechargeable electric motorbike with vestigial pedals. Because it can reach just 20mph and has a motor of less than 750W, it qualifies under Federal electric bicycle law as a pu

The FlyKly electric scooter, may soon be found right next to you in a bike lane on 6th Avenue.

shbike. 20mph (or 32km/h) isn't fast enough to ride in traffic, but is fast enough to be a danger to cyclists.

The FlyKly comes in two models, both costing $1,900. The "Modern" looks like a regular gas scooter, and the "Vintage" has less fairing and more chrome. Both weigh 125 pounds (57kg), both have a range of 40 miles on a charge, and both will carry 500 pounds (227kg).

The Modern has disk brake at the rear (for effortlessly skidding out of control) and drum brake at the front. The Vintage has a pair of drums.

The FlyKly folks claim that, at five cents per charge, you can go 1,000 miles for a dollar. To charge, just plug the bike into the charger, or lug the battery pack inside and hook it up for 4-5 hours.

If it could go a little faster, it would be just about perfect, would require training and a license to use, and would be kept out of bike lines. As it is, it just looks annoying and dangerous: Consider that, here in Spain, it is legal for bikes to ride on the sidewalk.

On the other hand, it's way better than a car.

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