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$900,000 settlement obtained for Manhattan Cyclist- $900,000.00


Daniel Flanzig obtained a $900,000 settlement for a cyclist who sustained a severe foot injury when struck by a tractor-trailer in New York City. The cyclist who was lawfully operating in the bike lane on the 2nd Avenue in Midtown was struck when a tractor trailer attempted to execute a left turn through the intersection in across the bike lane. The settlement was reached before trial in the Supreme Court, Westchester County.

$250,000 settlement for Cyclist “Doored” in Brooklyn.- $250,000.00


Cathy Flanzig obtained a $250,000 settlement for a cyclist doored in Brooklyn who sustained a severe wrist injury. After first having the court determined, via summary judgment, that the defendant was 100% responsible for the crash and that our client sustained a serious injury, the defendant tendered the full primary insurance of the vehicle that opened the door. This is one of the many cases where we have it successfully obtained summary judgment on behalf of our clients in a dooring crash.

$165,000 recovery for cyclist injured in a bike lane at a construction site in Manhattan.- $165,000.00


Daniel Flanzig obtained $165,000 settlement for a cyclist who was injured while attempting to utilize a bike lane on 2nd Ave. in Manhattan in of a construction site. The construction site had diverted bike lane traffic that caused narrowing of the bike lane. As her client attempted to bike to work his handlebar struck barricades there were used to create the new bike lane causing the crash and sustain a shoulder injury. The settlement was reached via mediation between our office and the insurance company for the construction company prior to trial in Queens County, NY.

$200,000 verdict for Queen’s cyclist injured in bike crash by turning vehicle.- $200,000.00

$200,000 - 8/23/2018

Our office obtained a $200,000 verdict for a cyclist who sustained injuries to his ribs and shoulder and by crash in Rockaway, New York. The crash occurred when our client left the sidewalk and entered the intersection and was struck by a turning vehicle. A Queens County jury found the driver 100% responsible for the crash and awarded our client $200,000 for his injury.

Recovery for Pedestrian Struck by a NYPD Traffic Enforcement Vehicle- $2,000,000.00


Daniel Flanzig obtained a $2,000.000.00 Dollar Recovery for a NYC Pedestrian who sustained life threatening injuries after being struck by a NYPD Traffic Enforcement Agent. The crash occurred at the intersection of York Ave. and 72nd Street in Manhattan. The police claimed the cause of the crash was our client crossing against the light. However, video of the crash obtained by our office showed the driver failed to yield the right of way to our client who was in the crosswalk and had almost completely crossed the street. We also secured statements from multiple witnesses who all were able to see our client clearly in the crosswalk. A settlement was reached with the City of New York just prior to the commencement of jury selection in New York County Supreme Court.



Cathy Flanzig obtained a $675,000.00 recovery for a 68 year old woman who sustained a severe leg fracture while crossing at an intersection in Pt. Washington, NY. Our client was crossing in the crosswalk and with the light in her favor when she was struck mid-crossing. The case was settled in the Supreme Court, Queens County just prior to trial.

Recovery for Line of Duty Injury for a New York City Firefighter- $250,000.00


A large recovery was obtained for a 41 year old New York City Fire Department Lieutenant who was injured in the line of duty. The firefighter sustained second-and third-degrees burns to his head, ears and hand during a fire that started as a result of negligence of the property owner. A bug defogger had been placed next to an open pilot light in the owner's restaurant. The case settled after a jury had been impaneled in Supreme Court, Queens County.

Recovery for Victim of Vespa Crash- $2,900,000.00


Cathy Flanzig obtained a $2,900,000 Million dollar settlement for the victim of a serious Vespa Scotter crash in Nassau County, NY. Our client was operating his scooter when a vehicle made a sudden left turn in front of him. As a result of the crash our client sustained severe thoracic injuries. The settlement, which netted a total payout of over $ 3 Million Dollars, was reached just prior to the start of the trial in the New York State Supreme Court, Nassau County.

Recovery for Con Ed Utility Worker In An On The Job Auto Accident- $250,000.00


Daniel Flanzig obtained a $250,000.00 award for a male cable splicer in his late 40s employed by Consolidated Edison who sustained a cervical herniated disc in an auto accident. His van was struck by a Flushing Hospital Medical Center Ambulance on an emergency call. A settlement was reached after Flanzig and Flanzig was successful in obtaining a decision from a Supreme Court Judge that the plaintiff sustained a "serious injury" as a matter of law. Such decisions are rarely granted in auto accident cases where judges usually prefer to leave this determination for the jury.

Recovery for Doctor's Failure to Properly Diagnose and Treat Breast Cancer- $2,000,000.00


Flanzig and Flanzig obtained a $2,000,000.00 settlement on the fifth day of trial in a medical malpractice action. The claim was based upon the doctor's failure to properly diagnose and treat our client's breast cancer. The failure to timely diagnose the patient significantly reduced the ability to successfully treat and cure the cancer. The settlement was reached during the trial, after the trial Judge determined that the defendant physician committed medical malpractice as "a matter of law."

Recovery for Victim of September 11th Attack at the World Trade Center- $1,300,000.00


Daniel Flanzig obtained the above result for the family of a rescue worker killed on September 11th in World Trade Center attack. As a member of the Trial Lawyers Care program, Flanzig and Flanzig volunteered its efforts to represent the victim pro bono. More than 1,000 members of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America have volunteered to help the families of victims of the Sept. 11th. It is the largest pro bono effort their profession has ever undertaken.

Awarded For a Electrical Contractor Injured in an Auto Accident Involving Complex Underinsurance Arbitration- $200,000.00


A 53-year old electrical contractor was awarded a total settlement of $200,000.00 following injuries to his shoulder and back in an auto accident. The insurance company of the vehicle that struck our client awarded $25,000.00 Cathy Flanzig obtained the additional recovery by filing for underinsurance arbitration with our client's own insurance company. The settlement was reached on the morning that the arbitration was scheduled to take place.

Settlement for Young Child Injured by Dog Attack- $120,000.00


A nine year old child was attacked by a dog and suffered facial wounds and scarring as a result. A settlement was obtained early in the litigation as the result of an aggressive investigation that uncovered the previous vicious behavior by the same dog.

Recovery for a 33 year Old Construction Laborer Injured in Work Site Accident- $1,200,000.00


Daniel Flanzig obtained a settlement of $1,214,844.00 for a 33 year old construction laborer who was struck by falling construction debris. The case was one of first impression for the Supreme Court, who held the owner of the property strictly liable for the accident based upon a violation of the N.Y.S. Industrial Code pertaining to the removal of concrete forms. Our client sustained a sustained a back injury which required him to undergo a lumbar fusion.

Recovery for a 52 year old TSA worker who suffered a fall at LGA Airport- $1,150,000.00


Daniel Flanzig obtained a $1.15 Millon Dollar settlement for a TSA worker who slipped and fell in an American Airlines Terminal at Laguardia Airport as a result of a leaking roof. This case involved highly complex medical issues including claims of R.S.D. also known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. The cases was ultimately settled just prior to trial in the Eastern District of the United States Federal Court.

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